Signing of basic agreement on cooperation with the University of Lodz (Lodz, Poland)


On January 23rd the delegation from Smolensk State University headed by its rector E.V. Kodin visited the University of Lodz (Lodz, Poland). The delegation from Smolensk State University consisted of its rector E.V. Kodin, the first vice-rector N.P. Senchenkov and the head of the Department for International Relations R.V. Beliutin.

The aim of the visit was the discussion of the cooperation ways between the universities and signing of the basic agreement. During this visit the representatives of Smolensk State University met the administration of the University of Lodz, the pro-rector in Charge of International Affairs professor Zofia Wysokińska Ph.D., teachers of the university etc.

The discussion of aspects of future cooperation began with video presentations of the universities. E.V. Kodin spoke about scientific, educational life at Smolensk State University, he designated the main activities of higher education institution. There is also development of contacts with universities of the near and far abroad, realization of the principles of Bologna Process which stimulate the academic mobility in educational space, create conditions of a barrier-free transfer of knowledge, cross-cultural communication etc.


During the discussion E.V. Kodin answered questions of the Polish colleagues. He made offers on cooperation with the University of Lodz. They considered prospects of teaching of students from Smolensk State University Polish by teachers of the University of Lodz, the organization of Russian courses for the Polish students, carrying out Summer schools, an exchange of teachers of various disciplines for lecturing, carrying out workshops, participation of universities in the international grant programs, etc.


The dean of the Faculty of Economics and Sociology, P. Starosta, the deputy dean of the Faculty of Geographical sciences, B. Vlodarchik, the director of Institute of the Russian philology, Y. Verzhbinski participated in negotiations etc.


Following the results of negotiations by authorized representatives of the Russian and Polish delegations, E.V. Kodin and Z. Wysokińska signed the basic agreement on cooperation between Smolensk State University and the University of Lodz. The head of the Lodz voivodeship I.Chelminska took part in the ceremony of signing of the agreement. The parties agreed to begin work on preparation of the executive agreements providing realization of the planned directions of cooperation by representatives of faculties, departments etc.

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