The grant of the Fund “Russian World”


     Roman Beliutin, head of the Department for International Relations, associate Professor of the German language Department at Smolensk State University, got a prestigious grant of the Fund “Russian World” on the program “Professor of Russian world”. It is devoted to strengthening the position of Russian language and Russian literature abroad, promoting intercultural communication and development of export of Russian universities education on the international stage.
     In the framework of this program Dr. Beliutin will conduct a special course “Preparation for the final exam” for senior pupils of Schottengymnasium in Vienna. Work-shops for the representatives of the Austrian Association of Russian language and literature teachers are also planned in this program. Smolensk State University has strong scientific and educational contacts with the Association.
     Among other activities in the framework of the project there is testing didactic textbook “Russian literature in the classroom: a guide to Russian as a foreign language on the abstracts of classical and modern literature”. This textbook was written with the participation of specialists of Smolensk State University. Its publication is also supported by the Fund “Russian World”.

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