Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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About our Department

International activities of the university is the direction of educational activities of the university on the organization of systemic relations and mutually beneficial cooperation with the subjects of the educational space in other countries.

The active position of Smolensk State University in the field of international cooperation has a positive impact on the image of the university. It stimulates the improvement of educational and methodological work, scientific researches, and it also increases the professional competence of the teaching staff of our university.

The main goal of the work of International Department is organizational, technical, informational and methodological support of the international activities of the Smolensk State University.

The most significant directions which work to improve the status of the university on the international stage are:

•    signing of new cooperation agreements with foreign universities;
•    teaching of foreign students from near and far abroad;
•    international scholarships for students and teaching stuff of Smolensk State University to participate in academic mobility programs;
•    invitation to Smolensk State University as highly qualified foreign specialists in the field of science and education representatives from Belarus, Germany, Poland, USA (short-term and long-term programs);
•    involvement of representatives of the teaching staff from Smolensk State University for the implementation of educational and scientific activities in partner-universities (China, Germany);
•    support of youth exchange with the sister city Hagen (Germany).
The International Department of Smolensk State University provides support in the implementation of these areas of international activities. The International Department is also engaged in preparing of visa and consular documents and migration registrations for foreign citizens who stays in Smolensk State University.