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     On the 23th 2019 International Russian-Belarusian scientific and educational workshop “Linguistic and linguodidactic ...with jokes: humorous discourse at the service of teaching foreign language and intercultural communication” took place on the base of Smolensk State University by support of Smolensk Regional Non-Governmental Organization “Russian Union of Youth”. Scientists, professors, students, teachers from Smolensk and Vitebsk took part in this workshop.

     Doctor of Philological Science, Professor of the Department for German Philology Vitebsk State University named after P.M. Masherov V.A. Maslova and Candidate of Philological Science, associate Professor of the Department for German Language, Head of the Department for International Relations at Smolensk State University R.V. Beliutin held plenary reports in the framework of the project. In their reports they analysed linguistic, social, psychological, axiological, intercultural and other projections of humorous discourse. They also proposed the concept of its didactization for the teaching foreign languages in school and university. In the groups fragments of the lessons with the incorporation of humorous discourse resources were developed.

     At the final stage of the workshop the participants presented the results of project activities, summed up the results, outlined the prospects for further research of this problem and identified the thematic focus of the next joint scientific and educational workshop. The next project will take place in the end of May 2019 in Vitebsk.


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