Wednesday, January 26, 2022
4 Przhevalsky St., Office 13 Smolensk, 214000
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Tel.: +74812700232,
+79605790563 (mob. phone)
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The main fields of activity


The international activity of Smolensk State University increases and strengthens the university’s status on the international stage and integrates the university into the educational and scientific community.


The main activities:


  • cooperation within programs, projects, grants, contracts with international educational institutions and organizations;
  • development of new contracts, agreements and programs of the academic cooperation with international education institutions and organizations;
  • organization of academic exchanges concerning Russian and foreign students, lecturers, professors and scientists;
  • organization of reception of international delegations;
  • consultation with the staff and students of the university concerning international activities;
  • promotional and information activities (refer to the section “The international activity” on the website of Smolensk State University);
  • studying of the best international practices under the uniform European education system.


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