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For international students Pre-University Training


Smolensk State University offers a comprehensive Russian-studies program designed for foreign citizens and persons without citizenship. The purpose of this program is to provide foreigner students with an immersive Russian-language experience before they begin pursuing a bachelor or advanced degree at SmolGU.

Pre-University Training Program

This program is designed for students who wish to receive a Bachelor’s degree, or any other higher education degree, from SmolGU.

The Pre-University Training curriculum includes:
•    Russian language practicum courses
•    Elective courses according to the student’s chosen field of study.

The Russian practicum courses are compulsory, while the participant may choose his or her own electives according to his or her preferred course of study.

List of the possible courses of study a student may choose from:

•    Philology: Literature, Social Science, Foreign Language;
•    Physics and Mathematics: Mathematics, Physics, Social Science;
•    Sociology and Economics: Mathematics, History, Social Science;
•    Natural Science: Mathematics, Geography, Biology;
•    Fine Arts: Mathematics, Social Science, Training for a creative examination (drawing, painting, composition);
•    Psychology and Education: Mathematics, Social Science, Biology.


Terms of Pre-University Training

Admission to SmolGU’s Pre-University training program DOES NOT require any entrance exam. It is not necessary to have any previous Russian language experience prior to starting this program. However, it is preferable for the student to have an A2-B1 level in English in order to plan the student’s course of study, as well as for everyday matters at the University and around Smolensk. This is a full-time program. Classes meet five times a week for six to eight academic hours a day. The duration of this program is either one term or one academic year (two terms), depending on the student’s decision. The class size is small, no more than 15 students will be in a class. The Russian language practicums are taught by highly qualified professors, who have years of experience teaching Russian language as well as other disciplines. At the end of the academic year, students in the program will take final examinations in their Russian practicum courses, as well as in their chosen elective courses. Upon passing all examinations, students will receive a certificate stating they have successfully completed the Pre-University Training program. This certificate grants students the ability to continue their education at SmolGU in their chosen field of study.

Smolensk State University offers two variants of the Pre-University Training program.

Calculating the tuition fees for Pre-University Training for international students

The one term programme consists of a total of 300 class hours.

Number of students         Group of 5 students         Group of 5 to 10 students       Group of 10 to 15 students
Fee for one person          120 000 Russian rubbles    90 000 Russian rubbles            60 000 Russian rubbles

Application Deadlines

Duration of study                          Period of study                        Application Deadlines
Summer term 2017/2018              05.02 – 30.06.2018                  04.12.2017
Winter term 2018/2019                03.09.2018 – 28.01.2019          02.07.2018

To be admitted applicants must complete the following checklist.


Smolensk State University offers the following accommodation options, all located on the University’s campus, to students in the Pre-University Training program:

1.  University hotel: 1400 rubbles per night  (42 000 rubbles a month);
2.  Guest room in a student dormitory - 800 rubbles per night  (24 000 rubbles a month);
3.  Room in a student dormitory - 1200 rubbles a month.

                     Cafeteria in the university hotel                             Guest room in the university hotel


           Guest room in a student dormitory                            Kitchen in a student dormitory


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