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Representatives from Smolensk State University conducted seminars in Lithuania


    24-26 February 2016 Representatives from Smolensk State University – the Vice-rector of International and Youth Programs N.P. Senchenkov and the Head of the Department for International Relations R.V. Beliutin conducted thematic workshops “Genius of Smolensk Region” and “Didactic projection of Russian sport language” for members of the Association of Russian language teacher in Klaipeda. These outreach activities aimed to support initiatives to expand the sphere of functioning of Russian language in Lithuania, to promote Russian language and culture among various social groups of the Republic of Lithuania. Our represenatatives met also in the in the General Russian Consulate in Klaipeda with the General Consul of Russia in Klaipeda A. G. Grachev, Senior Consul-Advisor to the Consul General of the Russian Federation Consulate in Klaipeda T.V. Novozhilova, Attache of the Russian Federation Consulate in Klaipeda E.A. Trochov, Head of the Association of Teachers of Russian Language in Klaipeda L.G. Gneusheva. During negotiations, agreements were reached on the implementation in the short-term projects to improve the skills of Russian language teachers in Lithuanian educational institutions with the assistance of experts from Smolensk State University, the exchange of scientific, pedagogical and didactic experience, etc. as part of the visit was held a study visit of Klaipeda international University. During the visit the representatives from Smolensk State University visited also LCC University.


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