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Representatives from Smolensk State University at the International Conference in Vitebsk


   February, 18th-19th, 2016 the International Scientific Conference “Regional onomastics: problems and prospects of research” took place at Vitebsk State University named after P.M. Masherov.
   In the framework of the agreement on cooperation between our universities the representatives from Vitebsk onomastic school headed by the doctor of Philology, the Head of the Chair of General and Russian Linguistics Prof. A. Masenko, and Smolensk onomastic school headed by the doctor of Philology, the Chair of Russian Language and its Teaching Methods, Prof. I. Koroleva work a lot together and regularly participate in General conference. In February 2015 the International Conference "Onomastics in Smolensk and Vitebsk: problems and prospects of research", which was attended by 12 of the Vitebsk onomastos was held at Smolensk State University. This conference is the continuation of the contacts which are strengthening from year to year. Our University co-founded the forum in Vitebsk. The delegation of Smolensk onomastic school presented at the plenary session and in the work of the five sections the main problems Smolensk is interested in. In 2017 Smolensk State University will host colleagues from Vitebsk once again.


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