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Valeriya Degtyareva
Specialist of the Department for International Relations


Information: Valeriya Degtyareva, graduated from Smolensk State University on the speciality "Foreign language (German) with additional speciality (English)".

Additional education:
-course of German economic language to improve scientific qualification (certificate of the University in Hagen, Germany);
- intensive course of German language in the framework of the Russian-Austrian seminar (organized by the Austrian Institute, the Department of Languages of the Vienna University of Economics and the Institute of Slavic studies in Graz);
- seminar training on the theme "Work with vocabulary in the German language lessons" (organized by the Goethe-Institute);

Participation in international projects:
- international environmental project (EWOCA 3: Russia - Belarus - Germany);
- international seminar (organized by a higher educational institution of postgraduate pedagogical education in Hagen, Germany).

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