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Call for the programme of the German Bundestag


     The German Bundestag together with 3 Berlin universities offers young people from 41 countries including Russia to get acquainted with the German parliamentary system and political decision-making. During a 15-week practice young people can gain practical experience in the field of parliamentary activity.
    Scholarships are awarded by an independent selection Committee of the German Bundestag. Applications will be accepted until the 30th June 2016.
     The German Embassy in Moscow invites talented students of our university to apply for participation in this programme.

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International remote course “Online tutorieren”


      From the 15th February to the 15th May 2016 the Goethe-Institut held the international training course "Online tutorieren". The training on this programme was attended by specialists from different countries (Russia, France, India, Vietnam, and South Africa). From Smolensk State University N.Vassileva, a specialist of the Department for International Relations, the Chair of German language, took part in the project.
      The programme of the training course was divided into 3 modules, each of them studied a separate set of issues related to the management and maintenance of remote learning courses on the virtual learning platform Moodle of the Goethe-Institut. Special attention was paid to aspects such as individual counseling of participants in remote learning courses, monitoring of results of training activities, time management and characteristics of moderation in terms of synchronous and asynchronous communication. Within the innovative course 3 online conferences were held. By the results of the work the participants will receive certificates.

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Report on international activities of the university to the Academic Council


    Vice-rector for international and youth programmes prof. N. Senchenkov presented to the Academic Council of Smolensk State University a report on the international activities of the university "The results of the international programmes implementation in the 2015-2016 academic year and tasks for 2016-2017". Currently Smolensk State University is actively developing cooperation with foreign partners and implements new areas of cooperation with universities of Poland, Germany and China. The intensive exchange of official delegations with the aim of promoting international contacts speaks to the growing interest in our University.
   Our Department for International Relations monitors regularly the range of proposals for international cooperation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rossotrudnichestvo and other organizations focused on the promotion of international contacts.

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Lecturer of Smolensk State University participated in the international conference


     From the 29th May to the 1st June 2016 VII German-Russian Conference for graduates of German programmes "Siberian specific progress: Education - Science - Career" was held in Siberian Federal University (Krasnoyarsk) with the support of the German-Russian Forum. About 30 representatives from different regions of the Russian Federation were invited. Smolensk State University was presented by N.Vassileva, a specialist of the Department for International Relations, the Chair of German language. In the focus of educational events were actual problems of project management as well as the organization and coordination of international relations of partner universities from Germany and Russia.

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Lecturer from Smolensk State University took part in the international scholarship programme


E. Kozhina, a lecturer at Smolensk State University, Chair of French language, passed the competitive selection among the lecturers of Russian universities to participate in the programme of language and didactic training at the University of Liège (Belgium). The project is implemented under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in cooperation with the French Community and the Walloon region of Belgium.

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