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Austrian-Russian Summer College in Saint Petersburg 2017


       From 30th July to 20th August 2017 a traditional Austrian-Russian Summer College will take part in St. Petersburg for 20 students from the RF, who is studying German language (A2-B1).
      The aim of the project is to activate and to use in practice knowledge of the foreign language. The lecturers from Austria will teach in German language Russian students and the Russian lecturers will teach Austrian students in Russian language
      Altogether in Summer College will take part 20 Russian and 20 Austrian students. The participants of the program provide free accommodation, education and excursion program, meals (lunch) and a small grant for organization of breakfasts and suppers. Joint trips, meetings and projects are planned. Travel costs to St. Petersburg and back should be covered by participants.
      Deadline for Russian students: 25th May 2017

More information about the program:

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Преподаватели СмолГУ на IV Международном конгрессе социальной инклюзии


        6 -7 апреля 2017 в польском городе Седльце состоялся  IV Международный конгресс социальной инклюзии на тему: «Социальная инклюзия. Внедрения – версии и контраверсии». Организованные международные  научные встречи в рамках конгресса социальной инклюзии проходят непрерывно с 2014 года. Их основной целью является углубление знаний в области широко понимаемой социальной инклюзии в контексте общественных и культурных перемен. Эта престижная интердисциплинарная конференция объединила представителей науки из разных стран: Польши, России,  Израиля, Болгарии, Белоруссии, Украины, Италии.

     Работа конференции проходила в секциях «Проблемы социальной инклюзии», «Разочарования и надежды практиков и теоретиков социальной работы, попечительства, образования и ресоциализации», «Связь между программами включения и социальной политикой, а также образованием на микро- и макро-социальном уровне». Смоленский государственный университет представили доцент кафедры социальной работы Т.А. Сидорчук и доцент кафедры педагогики и психологии О.А. Анисимова, доцент кафедры педагогики Л.М. Гримовская.

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Visit of a delegation from Smolensk State University to Torun



       From 3rd to 7th April 2017 a delegation from Smolensk State University visited a polish partner-university – Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun. Representatives from Smolensk State University held thematic lectures and master-classes in Russian, German and English languages at the Philological Faculty, met with the university administration and discussed the prospects of further cooperation in educational, scientific and cultural fields. Colleagues from the partner-university told about the implementation of international educational programs, academic exchange between students and staff in the framework of the "Erasmus+". The return visit of colleagues from Poland is scheduled for the middle of May 2017.

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Lecturers from Smolensk State University take part in the program “Erasmus+”



       Lecturers of the History and Law Faculty Smolensk State University – Prof. M. M. Kazakov and Assoc. Prof. S. A. Sakharov, visited our partner- university – the University of Bialystok (Poland) – in the framework of the grant program "Erasmus+". From 20th to 24th March 2017 a set of lectures on the modern theory of law was read in English for Polish students. The lecturers from Smolensk State University held meetings with representatives of the partner-university and discussed prospects of further cooperation. The receiving university prepared for our lecturers a rich cultural program and expressed willingness to continue cooperation.

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Информация от партнёров


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