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Summer School 2013 in Lodz (Poland)


Teachers and students of Smolensk State University have been invited to take part in international Summer School. It is arranged by the Faculty of Economics and Sociology at the University of Lodz (Poland). The event will be from 7th to 20th of July, 2013. The key concept of this Summer School will be “Security”. Legal, economic, social, informational and other aspects of this global phenomenon will be discussed during the event.

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Poetic word of Germany


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Cooperation agreement with Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy


On February 27-28 a delegation from Smolensk State University visited Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy. The first vice-rector N. P. Senchenkov and the head of the Department for International Relations R. v. Beliutin were delegated to participate in the cooperation negotiations.

The visit program included a meeting with the head of the Academy, its rector prof. D. Markus, vice-rectors on educational (R. Spalva) and research (M. Marnauza) work, heads of structural divisions, the dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences E. Vēbers, the head of the Department of implementation of the international projects M. Melvere, the head of the Quality Office I. Degtyaryova, the head of the Business Department Y. Virtsbikis, the director of Institute of Pedagogy A. Špona.

During the negotiations the parties presented their educational institutions, found priority activities of higher education institutions, exchanged opinions on key questions of the European education, shared experience of realization of the principles of Bologna Process and cross-cultural communication.

Representatives of the Russian and Latvian higher education institutions emphasized that the quality of education offered in the educational organizations depends on quality of the international cooperation. Thanks to it we can provide high level of the academic mobility, optimize processes of information exchange and management of scientific, didactic, methodological and cultural knowledge.

Closer relations of the higher education institutions also became possible because both of them intensively develop pedagogical education. It has rather multidimensional substantial and structural content as the main field of training of specialists both in Riga and in Smolensk.

According the results of negotiations the agreement on partnership development in the field of education and research work is signed. The cooperation types include exchange of teachers and students, development of joint projects, publication of memoirs in international academic periodicals, arranging of international theme Summer schools, etc.

On the second day of stay in Academy N. P. Senchenkov and R. V. Beliutin visited the event "The Open Day in Latvia" where the lead educational institutions of the country (higher education institutions, technical schools, schools) presented the concepts, programs, communicative platforms, etc. The exposition was carried out within the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia in the exhibition center of Riga.

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Press about us


Baranovichi State University thanks Smolensk State University for warm reception of its delegation.

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Cooperation with the University of Hagen (Germany) in conducting of the courses “Economic German” (Wirtschaftsdeutsch)


At Smolensk State University the courses of economic German started. They are organized within scientific and educational cooperation between Smolensk State University and the University of Hagen (Germany). The main objective of this bilingual course is training in reading of special literature in German, acquisition of new knowledge in the field "Economy", development of key concepts of "other" ethnic, lingual and cultural space. More than 25 students and teachers from Smolensk State University took part in this program. Representatives from other higher education institutions of Russian enrolled in the courses too. Those, who have successfully graduated "Economic German", will receive the certificate of the Faculty of culture and social sciences (the University of Hagen).

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