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Results of the competition for grants


There are the results of the competition for grants for participation in the international conference of teachers in German (Bolzano (Bozen), Italy, 2013). Competitive selection was conducted by the German Cultural Center named after Goethe. One of the winners is Roman V. Beliutin, associate professor of German Language. Within the conference R.V. Beliutin will make a presentation on "The use of texts of the football discourse during the lessons in German."

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Information session of the National Tempus Office


The specialist of the Department for International Relations Alla Kukhtinova took part in the informational session of the National Tempus Office in Russia. This session was devoted to the 6th call for proposals under the Tempus IV. The session was attended by members of the Executive Agency for Education, Culture and Audiovisual Aids representing the departments and programs of  Tempus and Jean Monnet, the representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science, the EU Delegation to Russia, the participants of the current projects Tempus.

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Webinar of the publishing house “Prosveshchenie”


On 16 and 21 November in 2012 Smolensk State University relying on the Competence center with the help of the Department for International Relations organized following web seminars “Grammar materials” (German as a second foreign language) and “Strategies to prepare for international exams” (English). The staff of the Department for International Relations, heads of chairs, authorities in the field of English and German as foreign languages, students of the Faculty of Philology took part in those web seminars.

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Teleconference “Russia and Germany in the scientific dialogue”


On November 9, 2012 there was a teleconference "Russia and Germany in the scientific dialogue" in Moscow during the International Exhibition "Education and Career" and the Year of Russia in Germany and the Year of Germany in Russia (2012 - 2013.). The participants of the teleconference discussed the results and the future of international scientific cooperation for two countries. They showed the most successful projects. There were over 100 people, who wanted to listen to the speakers. Smolensk State University (Roman Beliutin, an associate professor of the Department of the German Language, introduced the project) prepared the presentation “Russia and Germany: integration through communication about sport. Sport as an intercultural phenomenon and a communication base”. The main point of the project is in carrying out of joint events (conferences, seminars, workshops etc.). It helps to attract attention of society to the role of sport in intercultural communication, education etc. The aim of the project is also to make German more popular in Russia and to understand foreign mentality (language, culture, social environment) with the help of the mega concept “Sport”.

On November 23, 2012 the project will take place in St. Petersburg, where there will be a real-time video conference devoted to a cultural dialogue between Russia and Germany.

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International Conference in Lodz (Poland) within the project «Tempus IV»


The head of the Department for International Relations R. Beliutin took part in the final session of the project “Tempus IV” under the program “Network interaction of partner universities in multilevel system of preparation and professional development in the field of educational management”. (Lodz, Poland, October 22-26, 2012).

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