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“Russia and EU: cooperation dynamics” conference


From April 18th to 20th, 2013 the head of the Department for International Relations, R. Beliutin took part in the conference “Russia and EU: cooperation dynamics”, which took place in Kaliningrad at Immanuel Kant Baltic federal university.

The conference featured presentations on the political, legal, economic, educational, cultural and other forms of cooperation between Russia and the European Union. During the work of the round table the problems of the integration process were discussed. They will be able to open new perspectives in the relationship between Russia and the EU. At the conference there was a regular meeting of the Association for European Studies (AES), where the basic conceptual ideas of the event were examined in more detail, taking into account the specifics of the native country of the participants.

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Fulbright grant


Fulbright supported the joint project of the associate professor from the Department of Philosophy at Smolensk State University Y. A. Griber and the professor of the University of Washington G. Ming “Color in Urban Space: the Experience of American and European Cultural Traditions”. The aim of the project is to let the audience know about the results of comparative research the US and Russian cultural color design of urban space in 2011-2012. In May 2014 at Smolensk State University there will be an exhibition of works of students, graduates and scientists of the University of Washington (the USA), Smolensk State University and Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering (Russia), where the participants will present the American and European traditions of color design and the possibility of their integration in the architectural projects.

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Professional business trip of students from Smolensk State University in Belarus


The 4-Year students from the Department of English Language, Aleksandra Bogatyreva, Elena Nikitenkova and Dmitry Shatkov (the research supervisor is the associate professor P. V. Silaev) took part in the Republic scientific and practical conference “Cognitive, social and cultural aspects of the discourse” that took place in Brest State University named after A. S. Pushkin (Belarus).

The students from Smolensk State University made reports devoted to the problems of stylistics, representation of key concepts of the worldview, intercultural communication. The Organizers of the conference appreciated the top-level reports of every participant.

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About Smolensk State University in Vitebsk press


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DAAD conference


There are the results of the competition on participation in annual conference of the Russian germanists which will take place in Voronezh within the framework of DAAD from May 16 to May 18, 2013. One of the winners is R. V. Beliutin, an associate professor of the Department of German Language and Methods of its Teaching. He made a report concerning the problems of representation of verbal aggression in the discourse of sports fans (more detailed information about the conference is here

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